Mindfulness Based Counseling

Are you feeling the need for emotional support as you go through a difficult period in your life? Are you interested in using the challenges you’re facing as an opportunity for learning, growth and healing?

I am a mindfulness-based counselor who integrates mindfulness practice with person-centered counseling.

Mindfulness-based counseling is a process of learning to cultivate the two conditions that are integral to health and happiness: present-moment awareness and loving kindness, especially towards oneself.

From this perspective, emotional healing requires more than just psychological insight, it also requires the ability to live in the present moment, with kindness towards self and others, as well as a deeper experience of one’s body and how the mind-body responds to emotional and physical stressors.

Mindfulness-based counseling supports a person’s innate drive towards wholeness, and is based on the idea that, although often hidden deep inside, we all have our own best answers. What is often needed in order to find these answers is a supportive and compassionate environment in which this information is allowed to enter into our conscious awareness.

I have a master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Chicago and a diploma in individual and couple’s counseling from the Italian School of Family Counseling in Rome, Italy. I also received extensive training in providing emotional and spiritual support at the Center for Attitudinal Healing where I worked with people with life-threatening illnesses or grieving the loss of a loved one.


If you’re dealing with any of the following concerns mindfulness-based counseling can be of support:

You’re experiencing difficulties in your relationships
You’re dealing with a chronic illness or chronic pain
You’re grieving the loss of a loved one
You’re dealing with stress, anxiety or panic attacks
You’re dealing with depression
You’re a caregiver for someone with chronic health or mental health issues


Skype and FaceTime sessions are available

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