Chinese Medicine for Mood Support

Are you looking for more balance in your emotional life? Are you interested in decreasing or eliminating your use of anti-anxiety, anti-depressant or sleep medications? Natural mood support can help.

Natural mood support refers to using non-pharmaceutical approaches to maintain a healthy and balanced emotional life. This is achieved through proper diet and exercise, appropriate rest, mindfulness practices, counseling or psychotherapy if needed, and the use of holistic medical interventions like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

In Chinese medicine the mind-body is seen as a unified whole. As a result, emotional imbalances and physical imbalances are understood to arise  contemporaneously, one mirroring the other, each intimately related to the other.

If the internal organs, fluids and vital energies are not healthy then it is much more likely that someone will experience an emotional imbalance of some type. Conversely, emotional imbalances, especially if they are intense and prolonged, adversely effect the internal organs, fluids and vital energies and therefore one’s physical health.

From this perspective, when a person wants to maintain or regain their emotional balance, in addition to other supportive measures, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help address the underlying physiological imbalances and play an important role in the healing process.

Chinese medicine for mood support can help with the following:

excessive worry, stress and anxiety
excessive fear that impedes action

depression and/or feelings of malaise

loss and grief issues
anger and irritability
post-traumatic stress

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